Organizational Analysis – 2019
The organizational analysis provides a detailed analysis of the history, organization, and future projections of the Barnstable Fire Department.  Prepared by Chief Francis M. Pulsifer, this document brings you inside Barnstable Fire Department and offers residents an opportunity to learn more about us and what the goals of the department are moving forward.

Emergency Services Facility Location Study – 2012
Emergency Services Consulting International (ESCI) was engaged by Barnstable Fire Department (BFD, District, or Department) to conduct an Emergency Services Facility Location Study. This document serves as a report of that project and begins with a general overview of the organization, its facilities, and the services it provides.

Fire Department Study – 2003
The Matrix Consulting Group was retained by the Prudential Committee of the Barnstable Fire and Water District to conduct a study of the current operations of the Barnstable Fire Department and to evaluate the feasibility of the consolidation with the four other fire districts in the Town of Barnstable. This project took place in the late spring and summer of 2003.